We had the pleasure this past week of being invited to speak at a church that had a great influence on my life and whose members planted those seeds of faith long before I even came to the saving knowledge of Christ.  I grew up in Stratford, ON and a few of my friends from school attended Bethel Pentecostal Church and it was those friends who first spoke the truth of Jesus into my life.  It was an emotional day as we stood before that church years later and shared what God had done in my life and how He had laid out his purpose for our lives and brought us to this point of entering into full-time missions.  We were blessed by the words of encouragement from our brothers and sisters and truly grateful for a church that understood the importance of reaching out.  I just want to leave you with this; never underestimate the impact YOU as a Christ follower have on those around you.  It wasn’t even necessarily words that were spoken (though there were those too) but it was seeing Jesus in people that stayed with me all of these years.  You may never be the one to see the “seed” flourish but it must be planted for it to grow!


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