Disappointment & Ice Cream

There’s been a few times in my life that I have wanted something so badly, prayed unceasingly for it, put my whole being into making it happen….and it didn’t.  Pretty disappointing.  I had new insight into the whys of this sort of situation a couple of months ago with my son, Dezmond.

It was Easter and my lovely sister had once again outdone herself with her annual Easter egg hunt and the kids had been stuffing their faces all day with candy & chocolate.  It was evening and my other sister wanted to take all of her nieces and nephews out for ice cream.  Now Dezmond had already eaten his body weight in junk that day and I knew with his sensitive stomach that ice cream at 9:00 would not go over so well so I said he couldn’t go.  The long day of excitement and sugar erupted with heart wrenching sobs.  I contemplated changing my mind but I KNEW he would be sick so as disappointed as he was, I had to stick to my guns.

There’s a few things God taught me through this little scenario and the first is that He knows best.  Dez couldn’t understand the big picture but I knew and I had to do what was best for him, regardless of what he wanted.  And that’s the next point; sometimes the things you want aren’t really all that good for you.  I mean, ice cream in and of itself is not bad for you.  Neither are job promotions, or new houses, or whatever it is that you are asking God for.  I think perhaps this is a sticking point for some people because why wouldn’t God want you to have those things?  They aren’t bad after all but maybe, just maybe, God knows something you don’t 😉

I imagine there are times that our heavenly Father would like to give in as well but because He loves us so much and wants only the very best for us, He “sticks to his guns” and hopes as any parent, that someday His children will understand that the times He said “no”, were for their own good.


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