Heart for the Lost

We were recently asked to share our heart & our vision for our overseas mission.

The words struck us as we were driving home. See, it’s rather easy to share our vision. People like vision. Vision is attractive.  But it’s really easy to get caught up in the vision and lose sight of the “heart” and we have been guilty sometimes of doing just that.

In our humanity, sometimes we have been afraid to use the word “missionary”. Now granted, there’s a lot of negative connotations associated with that word but that IS what we are. We are not an NGO. We are not on a humanitarian aid campaign. We are missionaries, global workers, Christ’s ambassadors to bring the good news of Jesus to the world. If we didn’t believe that; we wouldn’t be going!

Our heart is to see people that are lost, come to Jesus and experience faith & healing & restitution. We can’t and won’t apologize for believing that Jesus is the only answer. We’ll bring the message in humility and sensitivity but we always want to remember our “heart” and why we are taking this step with our family.

God is in the people business.  He cares about people.  Of course, he also cares about hunger and health and education and we know that He wants His people to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick but He also wants us to share His good news.  It’s the most important thing we can give to others because it’s eternal.

Jesus, help us to never lose sight of the things you care most about.  Give us a heart for people that are suffering and yes, also grant us vision so that we can effectively serve where you have placed us.


One thought on “Heart for the Lost

  1. “We are not an NGO. We are not on a humanitarian aid campaign. We are missionaries, global workers…”

    Thanks for the reminder!

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