A Little Update from the Fam

Thought we’d just share a little about what’s up with the McCarthy clan. As some of you know, Chad is leaving for Cambodia for 3 weeks one week from today. Eek! For you praying folk, please remember me in your prayers or at least pray for an unseasonal thaw so that I am not stuck in the house with three pre-school aged children all day long! (Ethne is not a huge fan of trying to get around all bundled up in a snowsuit; though it is wildly entertaining for me to watch)

There’s a few things that we are trying to accomplish with this trip; the first being finding a suitable area for us to live. There’s a few areas that we have researched so Chad will do some hands on scouting when he lands. We also have to figure out our visa situation which can sometimes feel like gripping a slippery fish! Because Chad is Khmer, he is covered and so are our children but myself on the other hand…well, there are LOTS of different opinions as to how I can be recognized as Chad’s spouse and so not have to do the usual visa runs and pay the fees which tend to add up over the years but very hard to pin down something that is actually factual and has worked. Lastly but perhaps most importantly, Chad will be meeting with various global workers & missionaries that will be introducing him to what outreach and ministry really look like on the ground. We feel this is a huge part of our training towards becoming effective global workers in Cambodia. We have the heart but the best way to learn about what works and what doesn’t, is to ask those who have come before you!

The kids are doing great; Ethne celebrated her first birthday in September and is a going concern. I thought the third one was supposed to be more easygoing?

Eliot continues to be charming and continues to get dressed in the morning by putting on a bathing suit. At least in Cambodia that will make a little more sense!

Dezmond still packs for Cambodia on a daily basis; he is 4 now and though I don’t think he REALLY understands what is happening, he definitely has the idea that we are going on an airplane and that he will have his own dirtbike in Cambodia. We chose not to send him to school this coming year as the school year in Cambodia starts in August and we’re not sure yet if we will be there for the start and also, he would have to attend private school and we’re thinking we can avoid that expense for kindergarten and be able to work on what he needs at home. Pregnancy is going well (though long) and Baby McCarthy #4 should be here on June 3rd, or a few weeks early God willing (though I always say that and it hasn’t happened yet!)

We’ve been connecting with different church communities again after the Christmas break and are encouraged that we will reach our goal of monthly support by the summer. We’re praying for fresh vision and favor as Chad comes home from his trip; we’re sure he will have lots to share!


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