I love the changing of the seasons.  Fall is my favourite but every season brings a promise of new things and this one is sure not to disappoint!

Our family will board our plane bound for Cambodia at 1:30 in the morning on November 4th.  The trip, with one layover, will be 20 hours in total.  I’m already having heart palpitations when I think of what the 11 hour time difference will do to my children’s sleep patterns!  We’ve rented out our home for Oct. 1st which is fast approaching and our biggest task at the moment is deciding what to pack.  We get the regulation two suitcases per ticket so our lives have to fit into ten suitcases.

We’ve signed a lease on a house across the street from another global worker family from out east that we met two years ago before they left for the field.  It is an unbelievable blessing to be able to be close to a family that we know in this time of transition and change!

We will be having two goodbye parties, one in London on October 27th at RoyalView and the other at Calvary in Woodstock on October 20th.  We’ll post more info. on those as the dates get closer.

If you’re reading this; chances are you have been a part of our lives and seen this journey unfold.  We are absolutely indebted to our friends and family who have come alongside of us; we thank God for you and for believing in us.  Stay tuned for great things to come!


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