The Adventure Begins

I can’t believe it’s only been two days since we landed in Phnom Penh.  Between the travel and jet lag and the crazy amount of stuff we have done in the last two days, it feels like an eternity since we stood in the airport in Toronto and tearfully said goodbye to our beloved families.

I remember my first view of Cambodia from the air; the landscape was unrecognizable since the last time I visited which was during the dry season.  It is the end of the rainy season here and months of hard rain have completely transformed the countryside.  It looked like one massive lake!

I felt a growing sense of excitement as we descended and caught our first glimpse of rows of red terracotta roofs.  We have finally arrived.  I call Cambodia “our” country; we were home.

We were met at the airport by Ian & Tiffanie, global workers from out east, and their two little girls.  They have been an unbelievable blessing to us already.

Landing with four young children in a mostly unknown country to a house that has nothing in it is a challenge to say the least!  Tired or no, we had to go out almost immediately to get some things we needed to live.  Tiffanie & Ian to the rescue again!  They drove us around with all of the kids to get our bank account and licenses set up, pick up some groceries, and swing by the market to get a few things for the house that we needed right away.  

We haven’t quite adjusted to the time change.  The kids are usually up at around 2:00 am so today, we decided to get a head start on our day and called our tuk tuk driver, David, to pick us up for 7:00.  David drove Tiffanie and Ian around when they first landed in PP so he came highly recommended!  

It is really something to see Phnom Penh from the back of a tuk tuk.  Traffic is crazy in the city so it takes a good hour to get down to the stalls and market area that we needed to go to.  David took us the back way; there is just as much poverty here as there was the last time Chad and I were here together.  It seems unbelievable that people should live in such squalid conditions.  

Cambodia has a young population; there are children everywhere.  Dezmond and Eliot found it particularly interesting to see young children, their age and younger, on the front or back of motos; some even asleep!  There are beggar children, their clothing ragged and dirty, that walk amongst the traffic; along the concrete medians on the road as though they were on the playground.  

Not knowing the language is difficult and we are looking forward to getting right into language school as soon as we and the kids are settled.  

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your prayers.  It lifts our spirits to know that we have friends and family that are going to the Father for us.  We are excited more than ever to walk into this next phase in this journey; please pray that God would direct our path!

Oh, and it poured rain yesterday so the kids got to cool off in the street!

Playing in the rain


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