A Day in the Life of…..

I know I promised a detailed description of the birthday party we were invited to so that will come later in this post.

We’ve been attending the international church here in the city for four weeks now.  If you ever get a chance to go to an international church…DO!  I am so overwhelmed every time; I love it.  I guess I have to admit that I sort of thought of Christianity as a western religion.  It is so beautiful to see peoples of every nation and tongue praising the Lord.  I am humbled when I think of how these saints have perservered and overcome in cultures that do not recognize the name of Jesus.

It really ties into one of the courses we are taking right now that discusses God’s plan for humanity in the Bible and how missions plays into that.  We’ve been going through the books of the Bible and basically dissecting them and it’s amazing how many times the nations are mentioned and how God will reconcile them to Him and how He will reveal that He is the one true God.  Good stuff.

Chad is teaching english at the Bible college a few mornings a week and we are both fully into our language classes.  Sometimes I feel like my brain just refuses to take in any more information!

It is amazing to me how many opportunities for involvement there are here.  We could be involved in so many different ministries; the need is great and it is everywhere.  We are really trying to focus on our language as this will be the foundation for all of our years here in Cambodia.  It is important to us to invest this time into language so that the relationships we develop will be deep and meaningful.  We are meeting people daily; people that live on our street or students that attend the university near our house and our heart is that God will use us in simple ways to be His light.

We are also taking a communications course at the bible college that highlights the different nuances of Cambodian culture and how we can be effective in ministering to the Khmer people.  Many challenging thoughts.

So….the birthday party.  Picture a wedding with flowers, live music, spotlights, gowns (yes, gowns!) and an eight course meal.  The food was delicious, the tents took up the entire street and I was seriously under-dressed. haha  All joking aside, there is a great disparity in Cambodia between the rich and the poor and I just read this week that that gap is increasing.  I saw a little girl on the street last week.  It was pouring rain and surprisingly chilly and she was soaked right through yet whomever she was begging for, had her sitting out, her only covering her ragged shirt.  I thought perhaps she was made to stay out there in hopes that people would feel more sorry for her and give more money.  As I said, there is need everywhere.

I wanted to add a little bit about the kids; they have done remarkably well with the transition.  Evie has started to crawl and Ethne finally gave her bottles to “the babies” because she is a “big girl”.  Dez & Elle are learning khmer phrases at school; it cracks me up when they raise their little hands to their noses and say “Chum reap sua” to me when I pick them up from school.  They like it too.  As I’m sure was God’s plan, the kids have been an extraordinary ice-breaker for us here.

We just wanted to say again; thank you to those who have sent us here.  Not to sound cliche but this just feels so right and we are incredibly blessed to have your support and your prayers.


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