He is Risen….isn’t He?

I really love Easter.  I have fond memories of my mother dressing us up in our Easter finery; matching dresses, little white gloves, and sun hats.  It was a tradition passed onto her from her mother and one I thoroughly enjoy (though my goal of making the girls’ dresses this year may not materialize).  I remember the year my parents laid a jellybean trail throughout our farmhouse to lead us to our Easter baskets only to realize once we had awoken that the mice had eaten the entire trail!

I love that my kids always want to hear the Easter story.  There is no other story on earth that fills my heart with such unspeakable joy.  The awe of it never diminishes; no matter how many times I hear it.

So usually at this time of year I am busy sourcing out fun Easter crafts on Pinterest, stocking up on chocolate eggs and jellybeans for the kids’ baskets, searching everywhere for that perfect bow tie to match the girls’ co-ordinating outfits, going to the “Easter park” (a term coined by my children for the schoolyard near my sister’s that she uses to host her annual egg hunt), and looking forward to having a meal with the whole fam after church on Sunday and going for a walk to enjoy the promise of spring!

Things are a little different this year and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit sad.  This is our first Easter in Cambodia and saying that it is a non-event here is putting it mildly.  No cute bunnies or chicks to decorate with, no stores with darling little dresses in pastels and spring-insprired prints (no spring for that matter!), no foil-covered chocolate eggs (though really, who in their right mind would use chocolate in an egg hunt in 40 degree weather).  But more than that, there’s no Good Friday services to attend and this year, there will be no dinner at Nana & Clicker’s house followed by a lovely stroll through the woods and fields.

Here is an entire nation who for the most part, do not celebrate the single, greatest event in human history.  Considering the message, that is a REALLY sobering thought.

We will paint eggs this year and we will do some kind of hunt for something that doesn’t melt because well…it’s fun…but the most important thing we will do for Easter this year is remember the message of the cross and the enormous impact it has to save lives.

Bought with the precious blood of Christ.


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